Welcome to The Durandy Collection.

It is a sincere pleasure to be able to share the treasures within this website, representing over 30 years of passionate collecting, curating, and commemoration. With a particular emphasis on paper ephemera, my Archive documents not just Duran Duran’s iconic career, but a history shared by fans around the world. The memorabilia represents memories and milestones, taking on more meaning as each new chapter unfolds in the band’s story.

As a testament to the style that made Duran Duran music and video pioneers, I hope my collection allows you to see the band in a whole new light, invites you to re-visit some of your favorite moments, and leaves you hungry for more.

This website offers a sample of the collection, and I continue striving to get more artifacts photographed for your viewing pleasure. Of course, a trip to the Archive is always recommended for the full immersive experience with Duran Duran’s history. Until then, I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.

Nick Rhodes states, “Andy has amassed the largest known collection of Duran Duran posters in the world. It is an unprecedented visual diary of our career, spanning more than three decades, encompassing advertising, artwork, fashion, illustration, photography, and graphic design. He has gathered multiple international variations of album posters, scarce screen prints, obscure hand-signed ephemera, and posters for live shows that I had forgotten we had ever played.”