Beautiful Colors Second Edition

From the collection of Andrew Golub. Foreword by Nick Rhodes. Photographed by Christine Born.


The second edition of Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran delivers a buffet of maximum big surprises. With luxurious new packaging and expanded content, the now 300-page art book charts the band’s career through rare posters, from New Romantic roots in Birmingham through their latest world tour in support of the Paper Gods album. Hailed as a must-have collector’s item by fans and deemed “magnificent” by Duran Duran themselves, Beautiful Colors exemplifies the premium standard befitting such a style pioneer. With a foreword by Nick Rhodes, highlights include previously unseen posters, reflections from the band members, and insights from artists on their creations, all beautifully bound and housed in an elegant slipcase.

This unique examination of Duran Duran’s story is particularly relevant as the band writes its next chapter, preparing an exciting new album and shows that promise to energize Duranies across Planet Earth.

From the Band

John Taylor of Duran Duran says, “I love Durandy’s limited-edition publications! For the memorabilia freak like myself they are the perfect guide to the legacy world of Duran Duran tours and artwork. But their value goes beyond Duran Duran, as they have a lot to say about the changing state of pop music ephemera. We are really lucky to have him and his dedicated projects. A must for all Duran fans and then some!”

Andy Taylor of Duran Duran says, “Hi Andy, I think the book’s terrific!! The time and effort you must have taken to produce something like this is mind-blowing. You have my full appreciation on your work detailing such an important part of my life with Duran Duran.”

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