Duran Duran Appreciation Day


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2022 with Dori Monson


Since the Covid pandemic effectively crushed any hope for another public rally in downtown Seattle, I decided to take the celebration online in a marathon Zoom session. Recruiting my loyal partner in DDAD activism, Jen Walsh, I invited Duranies around the world to join me in an epic Zoom, starting in the early afternoon and going through 10:00 pm PST. The unusually extensive duration allowed more fans in various time zones to drop in, and the result was an incredibly touching event.
One of the biggest, most personal highlights came when my sister joined the Zoom with her children in Israel; they had hastily planned and practiced a surprise musical presentation, singing “Hungry Like The Wolf” for all present Duranies. There wasn’t a single heart left un-melted.


Duran Duran Appreciation Day found us once more on the streets of Seattle, braving early morning rain and chilling temperatures to stand together, spreading joy to unsuspecting passerby, sharing an unwavering devotion, and making memories to last a lifetime. With cupcakes presented to STAR 101.5, jubilant on-air festivity with Dori Monson, and an abundance of heartfelt passion, a new DDAD rally exceeded all expectations. The sun eventually came out to warm up a bigger Duranie crowd than ever. 


When it comes to celebrating a certain band, it’s no secret I have trouble doing things on a small scale… and last Friday became a perfect example.

August 10th, Duran Duran Appreciation Day, is an opportunity to go the extra mile with DD recognition; last year I asked my friend Jen to join me on a street corner in Seattle, greeting morning commuters with a little Durandemonium. It was a remarkable experience that led to a local TV spotlight and a ton of priceless memories.

This year, I recruited reinforcements to amplify the awesome. We commanded that corner for 10 hours, capturing the attention of KOMO TV and radio, doling out unexpected smiles to passerby (lots of tourists and people in town for Pearl Jam!), indulging delighted selfies with strangers, and making the most of every moment. The photos below speak the loudest.